Meet The Owners

Erin Gallegos

B.S. Equine Sciences Colorado State,  Certified Equine Massage Therapist, Certified MagnaWave Practioner


Erin studied Equine Sciences Pre-Vet at Colorado State University receiving a Bachelor's Degree in 2015.  For 2.5 years, during her studies, Erin worked as an Animal Care Technician for Colorado State University's world renown Equine Orthopaedic Research Center as well as the CSU Sports Medicine / Rehabilitation Team where she gained hands on experience assisting with Orthopedic Surgeries, Post-Surgical Care, MRI's, Injections, Rehabilitative Care & Modalities as well as other Orthopedic and Lameness based procedures.  After graduating in 2015, Erin worked as a Veterinary Assistant in South Central Oklahoma in an Equine Hospital for another year and half  fulfilling a similar role running anesthesia in the surgery room and helping with all daily hospital  procedures & patients. While her long term goal was to originally  attend vet school and become a DVM, she realized her true passion for being the assistant who works  directly with the horses daily to deliver the prescribed care they need.  With that in mind, 2018 presented a rare opportunity to purchase & develop Prime Time Equine. She now works daily to rehabilitate horses, striving to offer the specialized, one-on-one university level care she helped provide at Colorado State working with Board Certified Equine Rehabilitation Specialists Dr. Melissa King & Sherry Johnson of Equine Core Inc. (eCORE), the veterinarians who started it all for her years ago at CSU.  Recently Erin completed her Equiflex Equine Sports Massage Therapy Certification and became a Certified MagnaWave PEMF Practitioner. Her passion is Post-Surgical Care, Orthopedic Injury & Rehabilitation, she continues to add more therapy modalities to her skill set to maximized her ability to help the horses entrusted in our care.   If you bring a horse in for rehab, Erin will be the one working on them daily to deliver a customized rehab program developed with your referring veterinarian & the eCORE team. To learn more about the eCORE team click here. 


Ben Gallegos

B.S. Equine Sciences Colorado State,  A.S. Equine Business Management Laramie County Community College


Ben was a Combat Medic in the US Army for 6 Years deploying across seas for 2 tours.  When he returned he was introduced to the Equine Industry and studied Equine Business Management at LCCC in Cheyenne, WY.  After graduation, he worked in the Reining Industry where he became thirsty to continue his education and returned to Colorado State studying Equine Sciences and receiving his Bachelor's Degree.  He worked at the CSU Equine Teaching Center during his studies and grew to have a passion for training young horses, sales prep, and reproduction.  After graduation in 2015, he took a position as  Assistant Manager for Royal Vista Ranches in Wayne, OK where he continued to focus on Reproduction and Sale Prep, later accepting a position with Noble Equine and working more on the side of Mare Management and Embryo Transfer.  He then went on to work for Livestock Nutrition Center working with several large animal nutritionists and assisting with developing and delivery of feed rations to other mills and large customers throughout the nation.  Ben plays a large role in managing our horse's diets as well as overseeing our sales prep and mare management services. With so many equine athletes facing career debilitating and/or ending injuries, the need to be able to fulfill  reproduction services during a stay with Prime Time for orthopedic care and rehabilitation has been critical.  We work one-on-one with Bear Creek Equine & Dr. Michael Rogers to do so and are excited to continue growing this aspect of our business.  In the future we plan to add a recipient mare herd  and stallion collection services to offer our customers with full reproductive services on site that can be achieved seamlessly during the management of chronic orthopedic disease, injuries, and/or rehabilitation.  Ben is excited to continue his education in the field of Equine Reproduction and to grow/management this aspect of Prime Time Equine.