With the help of Bear Creek Equine (located just south of Wynnewood)  we are proud to offer our clients with on-site broodmare management, foaling & breeding options . This is an area we focus our business on as many great mares are retired to the broodmare band due to injury or lameness and require extra care & maintenance in order to carry and/or successfully reproduce! Longevity & over all wellness in these mares is our priority,  we want your mares to feel their best and maintain fertility for years to come so they can have a long, healthy reproductive career! Our specialized nutritional program is designed not only to support the mare though gestation and lactation but to maintain healthy growth & development of foals.  Strict bio-security & preventative measures are taken to reduce sickness ( including rhodoccus) & other common conditions amongst foals & weanlings.   If you have breeding needs for your mares reach out to us today to see how we can help!


Above: Palpating Mare & Foal 3 Weeks Post-Partum

Mare suffers from severe Navicular up front &

an Old Meniscus Injury to her left stifle

Below: 5-6 Month Old Foal Prior to being weaned

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