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About Us

Prime Time Equine is a full service  Equine Rehabilitation & Fitness Center located in South Central, OK.


Our facility houses an In-ground Aqua-Treadmill, Dry Inclining Treadmill, Free-Flow Exerciser, Hot-Walker Vibration Plate, Solarium, Magnawave PEMF Machine, and more!  


We offer a broad array of services related to Equine Fitness & Rehabilitation including Sale Prep & Mare Management / Reproductive Services  for Equine Athletes, Stallions & Mares who may be suffering from acute injury and/or chronic conditions that require specialized maintenance & care.  With several years of experience in the Veterinary Industries, our mission is to keep up with modern technologies &  research in the ever advancing field of Equine Medicine. We have a teamed up with local & refering  veterinarians as well as Equine Core, Inc., a team of Board Certified Equine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialists to do just that.


  Our team will work with your veterinarian to develop customized protocols that incorporate  hands-on therapy  & core strengthening exercises to achieve the ultimate recovery, results & quality of life.  Programs are built specifically to meet your horse's individual needs  then monitored & adjusted weekly (or as necessary) based on progress.  


You can rest assured that at our small family owned / operated facility, your horse(s) will receive  one-on-one time and the highest quality of custom care  while they are here!


Injuries, Layups, Post-Surgical Care, & Recovery!


Keep your equine athlete fit & legged up  preventing injury and achieving  peak performance!


& Marketing

Helping owners get top dollar  for their horses!

Mare Management

 Seasonal or year round   mare care, foaling & breeding for broodmares  requiring specialized maintenance.

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